Friday, December 18, 2009

Vastu purusha

What is vastu purusha?

Vastu pursuha is the lord of this earth upon which we construct buildings. The earth is symbolized by vastu purusha. In a 12 months year he will be present in 12 astrological rasi /signs. Out of these twelve months he will wake up in only 8 months. In these 8 months also he will be awake only for 1.5 hours of time. In this brief time he will brush his teeth, take bath, offer prayers to god, take food and take 'Thamboolam'. For these 5 tasks he will take 18 minutes for each task.

The better time to start digging basement is during vastu purushas meal time (food taking) and thamboola. The best time is during 'Thamboolam'.

Best month, date and time. All month names are given in Tamil months.

Chithirai - 10th - 8.54 to 9.30 AM
Vaikasi - 21st - 10.06 to 10.42 AM
Aadi - 11th - 7.42 to 8.18 AM
Aavani - 6th - 3.18 to 3.54 PM
Ippasi - 11th - 7.42 to 8.18 AM
Karthikai - 8th - 10.54 to 11.30 AM
Thai - 12th - 10.06 to 10.42 AM
Maasi - 20th - 10.06 to 10.42 AM

As mentioned already the better time is first 18 minutes and very best good time is second 18 minutes.


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