Friday, December 18, 2009

Vasthu sastra - Introduction

What is Vasthu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian art-cum-science of constructing and laying out buildings, houses and other structures. Vastu sastra is Indian equivalent for Chinese 'feng shui'. In fact our Indian ancestors have refined these method over many years and as a result, today we have time-tested vastu remedies for various problems in buildings. Vastu is proper placement of various rooms and layouts so that they go easy with natural flow of energy.

Our living world is composed of five elements or panch boodhas namely air, earth, fire, water, space. Vastu is used build our houses and rooms inside them in certain ways to prevent mishaps by these basic elements of nature. The chinese 'Feng Shui' is also based on these principles. In vastu directions are important. The rooms for different purpose are to be built in different directions for ideal results.

Our ancestors have experimented with this ancient science and refined it over the time. Vastu helps to live a peaceful, healthy and prosperous life in our houses. Vastu remedies are also used in business, office, shops and factories. You should consult a good vastu consultant before starting construction of your house. Be sure the consultant is experienced and reliable in his profession. There are different vasthu remedies for kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.,

This blog is to help you understand the basics of vastu shastra and application of this vastu sastra in real life situations.


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