Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Main entrance / door

Placement for Main entrance

The main entrance of the house is called as ‘Thalai Vaasal’ in Tamil. The entrance can be put up in east, west, south, north sides. South Agni, West Vaayu, North Eesanya, East Eesanya are good placements.

The main entrance door the house should not be kept on East Agni, South niruthi, West niruthi and North Vaayu.

There should not be any mountain, tall trees, Electric posts, Telephone posts, Temples, well opposite to the main entrance.

The size of the door should be proportional to the size of the house. The doors of the main entrance should be opening inwards. When putting doors near corners of wall keep few inches from the corner.

When entrance is built on western side there should be door on the opposite side, i.e east. Similarly when there is entrance on the south put entrance on the east.

Generally Eastern and Northern entrance are auspicious.


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