Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bathroom and Toilets

Bathroom and Toilets

It is common to build toilets and bathroom in the same room. Some people keep bathroom and toilets separate. This done according to the availability of space. These room are to be built in East Agni, South Agni, South, West, West Vaayu, North. Water heater to be kept at the room’s South Agni.

Toilet’s Basin should be placed in a manner that the user sits facing north or south.

When bath and toilets are built outside the house, they should not be touching the house and compound wall. Can be built in free Agni, Vaayu, Niruthi areas.

Toilets should not be at north-east for any reason.

East Agni, South Agni, South, West, North, North Vaayu, West Vayu are good placements for Toilets and bathrooms. The picture has shaded regions best suited for these rooms according to vastu.


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