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Good Vastu Site House / Building

Which is good vastu Site?

The construction of a building / house starts with the selection of a proper site. Generally we give preference to good accessibility to road and transport facilities, good water facility and other conveniences. We check the panchayat / corporation approval, site map, site approval, layout approval and other things. Of course, these are important legal formalities for bank loan and mortgages. To live a peaceful, healthy lives in the newly built houses we need to check whether the site is appropriate according to vastu shastra.

Good vastu sites must be in perfect square or rectangle shapes. If there are irregularities in lengths or in irregular shapes like diagonal, tetra, pentagonal shapes those sites should be rejected.

It is preferable if the north and east sides of the construction site are lowered and south, west portions are slightly heightened. The site should not belong to temples, should be positioned just opposite to temples. There should not be any suicide deaths in the site. It should not be cemetery, graveyard, churchyard and other burial grounds. It should not be nearest to river, canal and other waterway. If there is any mountain near northern and eastern side of the site that place should be avoided. According to vastu those sites that have rivers on south and western sides should be neglected.

One must use magnetic compass to properly mark the spatial directions in the construction site.

The following ratios should be kept: 1:1, 1:1.25, 1:1.5, 1:2 are the appropriate ratios for breath and length. For example if breath is 40 feet length must be 40 or 50 or 60 or 80 feet only. Other measurements are not acceptable.

• The site can be elongated only in north-east direction only.
• It is better to have mountain or tall structures on the western and southern site of the site.
• It is better to have river or other water sources in the north-eastern side of the site.
• It is better to have streets along the four sides of the site.

The site that is on the east of our site should be equal or lowered to our site and should not be higher.

The site that is on the west of our site should be higher.

The site that is on the north side of our site should be equal or lowered to our site and should not be higher.

The site that is on the west of our site should be equal to our site or higher.

If our site or part our site face the street it is called ‘Theru kuthu’. The following diagram / picture will tell which position of site facing street is good or bad.

Beneficial Street Facing:

South Agni, North Eesanya, East Esanya, West Vaayu are beneficial

Inauspicious street facing:

East Agni, South niruthi, West Niruthi And Vaayu are inauspicious.

Before starting construction of house:

Before starting construction of house / building consult with a good vastu consultant for vastu remedies for the site. Then draw plan with help of civil engineer.

1. Build a water tank or borewell first in the north-eastern corner of the site. Then only start other works. This should not be on the line connection two corners of the site.
2. Construct the house in the manner that there is more space on north and eastern side of the house and less space on the south and western sides.
3. Before building house, build compound wall on the south and western side.
4. The house walls should not be touching compound wall. There should be sufficient gap.

Empty space around the house:

There should be sufficient space around the house in order to provide sufficient air ventilation / circulation and good lighting. In these empty spaces we can plant flower trees, build sceptic tank, borewell, car shed etc. Few vasthu points to be noted are:

1. There should not any structure in the Esanya corner.
2. The empty space on north and east sides should be greater than the empty space on south and west sides.
3. North – east Eesanya should not be closed for any reason, in other word leave this space empty. According to vastu this space makes only live equal to that of Indhira and kubera.
4. Before starting construction Bhoomi pooja must be done.

According to vast East and northern areas of the site should not be loaded with weight. This is the rule laid by vastu shastra. By providing sufficient empty space on these sides this important are is freed from overweight.



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