Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Vasthu for Borewell

Well or Borewell should be built in Esanya. Should not be built around the house and compound wall. If there is not underground water in Esanya, it can be moved to north high or east high areas. If there is no well at Esanya atleast dig a small pit there. Underground water tanks (chumps) are to be built in the Esanya direction. This tank should not be built under the staircases, steps, portico, main gate etc., Water tanks on the roof tops should be built in the niruth (south-west) direction.

Sceptic tank should be built in north and north – west, east directions. It should not be touching the walls of the house and compound. Sceptic tanks should not be built in North East Esanya and South-West niruthi.


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