Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Placement of Entrance

Placement of Entrance door

In Vastu Shastra Entrance door placement is given importance. We will see remedies for entrance. The proper placement of entrance ensure prosperous life of the dwellers of the house.

Divide the length by 9. In each of the 9 parts the nine planets or nava grahas reside. The various planets residing in the nine parts and which one part is best is described here.

In the picture above the length is divided into 9 parts and each planet living in those parts is noted. Red colored ‘BAD’ parts should be avoided. Green colored ‘GOOD’ and blue colored ‘MEDIUM’ are acceptable. The effects of nine parts are explained below.

1. Sun: If you place entrance in this part it is not good for Father and his brothers. Also problems from Government is expected.
2. Moon: Problems for women and problems due to water are expected.
3. Mars: Enemity with brothers, Fire accidents are expected. So the first 3 parts should be avoided for entrance.
4. Mercury: This is good part for placing entrance.
5. Jupiter: Good for the family and children/progeny. Good for male children.
6. Venus: Good for female children. Good for business growth.
7. Rahu: Financial problems, debts, Legal cases
8. Ketu: Problems


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