Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bed Room

Bed Room Vasthu

This is another important room for vastu. We spend most our time in this room while sleeping. Comparing to any other room in a house this place is the only place where we spend a lot of time. At least 8 hours a day! So vastu is must for this room.

Bed room should be placed near south and west where we get breeze and wind. Bed room can be placed on south, south niruthi, west niruthi, west north Vaayu areas. Cots should be placed in the manner to place head on south or east directions.

Bed room should not be in south-east Agni. In the bedroom Almara / Shelf should be placed on southwest corner. The shelf should be facing east or west. If you plan to keep bathroom (attached bath) keep in north – west direction. Children’s bedroom should be on north – west and should not be on sourh – east and north – east directions.

There should be enough ventilation and lighting in the bedroom.


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