Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rooms adjacent to compound wall - Part 2

In the first part of this article we saw some examples that are forbidden by vasthu. This part will show some more examples that should be avoided while planning your building.

The above figure shows that nairuthi, Agni and Esanya are closed by putting structures along compound walls.

The above figure shows main building surrounded by compound walls. On Agni, Vaayu and esaanya positions there are rooms /structures that should be avoided according to vastu shastra.

The above figure shows that niruthi, Esanyaa and vaayu sthanas closed. Vasthu shastra forbid this type of building.

 The above diagram shows Agni and Esanyaa are closed. This should be avoided.

In the above diagram of the building, main building is enclosed by compound wall. On both Vaayu, and niruthi a structure is put and both sthanas are closed. According to vastu this is not recommended.

In the above combination agni and Vaayu are closed which is not good.

The above figure shows both niruthi and esanya closed. This is not welcome in vastu.

In the above diagram all four corners niruthi, vaayu, Esanya and agni are closed by structures on four sides. This is not recommended in vatu sastrha.


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