Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Building plans and vastu benefits

There is basically right planning and wrong planning in buildings. According to vastu some plans are good and some are wrong. We will see those examples of right and wrong building designs with diagrams.


In the above diagram of a model building the structure is located on south-west direction. On north and east there is empty space. This is a good plan according to vastu shastra.

In the above building plan the building is situated on the west and there is more empty land on the east than west. On both north and south there is equal amount of empty space. This is good for men in the house according to vastu.

In the above plan building is situated on the south and on the north there is empty space. On both west and east there is equal amount of empty space. This is good plan according to vasthu.

Wrong Building ideas

In the above example building is built on the east and the empty space on west is more than that of east. This will bring bad effects for men in the house. So in order remove the empty space you can sell that land or build a shed or something. This is the remedy according to vastu.

In the above example building is on the north and there is empty land on the south. This will affect the women in the house. The remedy is to sell the empty land on south or build structure.

In the above example building is on the north east direction. There is more space on west than east. These type of buildings will make the house without men. The remedy is to build shed on south and west sides to decrease empty space. Or sell the land.

In the above diagram the building is on the south-east (agni) direction. Since there is empty space on West and north-west you will have troubles in home and business all the time. You may encounter legal cases also. The vastu remedy is build a shed on west empty space so that the empty space on west is less than that of eastern side.

In the above example the building is on north-west direction. This is not a good design according to vastu. The empty space on south and south-east will increase expenses, financial loss, etc., Women in the house will be afffected. The remedy is to build a shed on the south to decrease the empty space. Or you can sell the empty land.


Dr. Rajni Aggarwal said...

vastu gyan
Vastu Shastra is a very old Indian science of Architecture. Vastu in Sanskrit means nature , a surrounding or environment. The word "Vaasthu" came from Vasthu , denoting anything existing such as house, shelter,building etc.Shastra in sanskrit means systems. There are many principles in Vaastu Shastra. The Vastu Shastra is founded upon the laws of nature.
According to vaastu sastra, the world comprises five basic elements known as the pancha maha bhoota, EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE, SPACE.
Ancient sages of India laid down several principles for constructing buildings taking advantage of the nature,the Pancha Bhootas namely Earth,Space,Air,Fire and water,gravitational and magnetic effects and rotational influences of Sun,Moon,Earth and other planets on the life in Earth with a view to bring balance and harmony between man

Above is collected information.


Several tips said...

A very good blog is yours.

Hinaben said...

Our house itself is compliant with most of the vastu rules. However after looking at your pictures I found that the entire building itself is in the northeast.
The plot is huge so say even if we build a shed behind we would still not be able to achieve.
Can we just plant tall trees around the west and south and make a shed in south and an above ground swimming pool in Northwest? to fill up the space?
Can we also just use up the space to grow vegetables etc instead on keeping a lawn.

Priyanka Mishra said...

The presentation is nice without giving much emphasis to Yantras and Pujas.

steve tickolo said...

I am agree with you. Everyone must follow vaastu tips and tricks while constructing a building.

Dr Rashmi Jain said...

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