Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rooms adjacent to compound wall - Part I

Placement of structures along compound wall

The following examples shows various combinations of buildings adjacent to the compound wall. According to vastu shastra these combination are not favorable and should be avoided. It is a big house, bungalow in the middle. You spend hundred of thousands of money to build it. Why should you want to make harm to your house by building these unwanted structures. I am sure you are wise and you will avoid it.

Now we will see each example figure and explain why they are not good according to vastu shastra.

In the above picture on the south and western sides neighbours sceptic tank or underground water storage tank should not come.

The above example shows three rooms in three corners of the compound walls. Clearly the niruthi, agni and vaayu are closed. This is not welcome according to vasthu shastra.
In the above example niruthi and agni are closed, this too is not a good building design.
The above example shows that Vaayu is closed by placing a room on that corner. This will result in loss of property and other problems. According to vasthu shastra this is not recommended.

In the above example example by building a structure in north east esanyaa, it get closed. The will result in great loss. Esaanya should not be hidden like this. Should be avoided.

The above figure shows that Agni is obstructed by placing a structure there. This too will result in loses. Should be avoided according to vasthu. We will see other placement in part 2 of this article.


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